Whelping, Feeding and Nursing Doberman Puppies

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When the puppies were born, I tagged each puppy with a colored ribbon for identification.

During the first few weeks of the of the puppies' life to ensure the puppies survive I kept the puppies in a warm and dry place. I bought a plastic bin and installed heating provided by an incandescent bulb. The temperature within the bin was kept warm at 28 deg Celsius. The bin also protected the puppies from wind.

I was fortunate that the weather in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was warm everyday, except some night when it was raining and very windy. Anyway, I kept the puppies indoor for the first 4 weeks.

Feeding and nursing the puppies
Fortunately, the dame has a natural mother's instinct of protecting, feeding and nursing the puppies. But, I have to earn the trust of the dame that I was helping her to look after the puppies.

In the beginning, the dame was reluctant to let me take the puppies away to the puppy bin. What I did was, I placed a new unfed puppy into the dame's cage each time I took a fully fed puppy away into the puppy bin. The dame learned very fast and trusted me.

The last litter was 9 puppies and I have to divide the puppies into 2 batches for feeding. The first 2 weeks was a lot of work changing each batch on an hourly basis. The last feeding of the day was done at 2 am and the first feeding was done at 6 am.

When the puppies was 2 weeks' old, the dame's milk was not enough for 9 of them. I have to supplement with hand feeding them with goat's milk. Do not give puppy cow's milk as it will upset the puppy's stomach and cause diarrhea.

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Whelping, Feeding and Nursing Doberman Puppies.

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