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Dogs Can Feel You, their sixth sense can read your emotion.

Dogs have an ability that we do not possess. They can read energy. In other words, they can read human emotions. They feel them as an energy radiating from our bodies. While you can hide your emotions from another human, you cannot hide them from a dog.

Dogs know how you are feeling. The dog knows if you are sad, nervous, stressed, happy, calm, strong minded, confident, passive or anxious. They feel joy when they know you are pleased, they feel sad when someone dies.

Your dog knows that you are displeased, because they feel your anger and the energy produced. They do not understand why you are displeased, they just recognize the fact that you're displeased.

Letís say you are upset over something that has happened in your life. Your dog will know that you are upset, but they will not know why. For example, they are not going to reason out in their head that your boyfriend has just broken up with you.

However, a dog does not read negative energy coming from humans in the true meaning of the emotions. When dogs feel that you are worry, sad, nervous, stressed, fear, startled, or passiveness, they will interpret you as having unstable energy, and see you as weak. They simply read it as a weakness, and they will dominate you as your leader.

Additionally, if you feel pity for a dog, they will read it as a weakness in the human, too. Your dog will be unhappy, unsecured and misbehave. They cannot find a leader in you.

Dogs listen best to a calm and stable person. Their sense of your energy will determine whether you are the leader of their pack. If your dog has found you as the leader of their pack, your dog will be happy, secured and well-behaved.

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Puppy for Sale              Puppy Training           Dog Training            About Dobermann

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